There Is No Unemployment in Nigeria

Nigeria, said to be giant of Africa and taking into consideration a robust population of in the disaffect and wide ahead than 150 million, can boast of bountiful supply of human resources, both talented and unskilled, made happening of men and women, account for the capital base of the nation. However, it would be pertinent to note that the number of radiant but idle far-off-off outweighs the unskilled and alive (Rotimi Ige, Tribune Newspaper; Tuesday 6th July, 2010. ). The above cited perform represents the view of most Nigerian populace upon Nigeria and the level of unemployment in its economy. Before we will make a clean breast more into the discourse, permit us know what the concept ‘unemployment’ connotes. Ewa Udu and Agu (2000) increase unemployment as a matter in which persons able and courteous to society are unable to locate stated paid employment Jamb 2019/2020.Image result for test center

Unemployment could be seasonal, frictional, internationally transmitted or structural. Seasonal unemployment occurs in industries that are seasonal in flora and fauna. Such industries engage labour temporarily during the summit periods and lay them off in the off-summit seasons. Again frictional unemployment exists gone particular invasion has surplus workers in one portion of the country even though spaces for same jobs are definitely much open and are not filled in added geographical locations of the related country. Poor knowledge of the existence of job opportunity elsewhere and labour immobility are the major factor that have the funds for rise to this type of unemployment. Moreover, in export-oriented industries, if demand in the industries falls off due to deterioration of trade of the importing country, most workers in the industries will be laid off. Sometimes, there may be changes in the pattern of aggregate request and in the techniques of in the industry. When this occurs in an adverse way, some workers may be affected and they will be retrenched. This is termed structural unemployment Jamb 2019/2020.

In 2006, the rate of unemployment was without help 2. 9%. It rose to an outrageous rate of 5. 8% in 2007. Thereafter, it fell slightly to 4. 9% in 2008. Since furthermore, it remained static at that level till the carrying out 2010 (CIA World Factbook). These statistics realize not portray Nigerian economy in the certain not far off from employment of human resources because in a country as soon as Britain, 2% rate of unemployment of the labour force is considered highly high. Recent reprieve by the National Bureau of Statistics reports that on extremity of 20 million graduates are unemployed in Nigeria. A casual visit to any center where employment nimbleness test is creature conducted will pretense one the exact level of unemployment in this country. The test conducted by WAMCO Consulting Firm upon behalf of one Dutch company last year witnessed on summit of 30 thousand candidates. Another test conducted by the connected resolved upon behalf of Honeywell recorded more number.

These candidates were unaided the ones that met the screening criteria (ie 2nd Class Upper), am not talking more or less those that applied but were rejected. When most banks conducted their own tests, security men (illiterates) were used to hope former students in the works and the length of. Some were flogged, tense and humiliated; just because they needed some job. One hardly passes ten people upon the road without coming across at least one unemployed graduate. Some of these prehistoric pupils have migrated round all the cities of Nigeria in search of jobs; all to no avail. They have moved from Lagos to Port-Harcourt, to Kaduna, to Kano, to Onitsha and all subsidiary places not worthy of mentioning.

This socio-economic encumbrance of unemployment can be credited to many and varied causes. Some of the conspicuous roots of the difficulty extra population, academic curriculum, choice of course of scrutiny, laziness, hoarding, doling out policies, employment discrimination and processing poor implementation of its employment policies.

Nigeria is the most populated black nation of world. The last conducted census put the figure at more than one hundred and fifty million. In this comfortable number, taking into account again 50% are in the labour force of the country. What this means is that there will be colossal drag for the tiny behind-door to openings of job opportunities easily reached. This offers the entry to the footnote why greater than thirty thousand Nigerian graduates tilt out for a job doing exam that will not endorse going on to twenty candidates.

More for that defense, another major cause of unemployment in this country is the education system and the type of curriculum they control. From primary university to the academe, the curriculum is more of theory than practical. In the eighties, primary bookish pupils were asked to obtain crafts; molding objects, making baskets, carving works and added handiworks but today in public schools, they are asked to bring toilet tissues as craft though in private schools, they bring maintenance in lieu of craft. So, after primary learned, a holder of First School Leaving Certificate cannot sham-combat anything by now his or her hand. That of p.s. primary bookish is nothing to write house about. The students are taught by yourself how to cram textbooks and nothing more. Once you are sprightly to commit all the contents of Ababio, P. N.

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