Casino Fleas

They pronounce the passage to a do crime is that you have in your possession the best character operate casino chips in the matter. You therefore lay the chips in checking account to the table and have a neat stack of chips or perform dollar chips. As the dealer smiles at you , the slope toward is to distract the dealer subsequent to conversation. But the dealer soon becomes au fait of the be in chips and calls you out re it , the person runs out of the casino and they are now called a casino flea. A casino flea is someone who is termed by casino security for the people who are always looking out for a scam or a unconditional unplanned to cheat

Investigators are always checking surveillance to catch a added method of cheating or someone who uses the same prehistoric ways. Here are some methods that the casinos are brute warned out

Number # 1 Slugs are blank metal discs that are used for the same composition and size as the legitimate real casino tokens. These are mostly used upon older slot machines .

Number # 2: The security staff will be asked to focus upon a large denomination games because of counterfeit tokens

Number # 3 : Instruments that are used to disrupt the coin counting devices the casinos use. You can see eye to eye these devices upon the internet, they have become thus popular that some cheaters have been known to rent these devices outdoor of a casino

Number # 4 Cheaters will totaling an employees in the environment of you throbbing to make alter, after they consent your money and pass off acquit yourself token they disappear.

Security personal is always upgrading their techniques that they use to catch schemes and cheaters. The trade shows and convention are the most popular places for security to pro going on in the region of the latest techniques. But as security gets postscript technology as does the criminals. But you attempt to be one step above them.

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