Magento 1 Is Far From Dead

Online sellers who have built their businesses not quite Magento’s relation 1.X can vouch for the reliability, scalability and efficiency of this eCommerce platform.

After all, they wouldn’t have managed to list products and control orders as skillfully as payments upon their online stores and various marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, from a single screen had it not been for the extensive features of Magento 1 magento refund plugin.

So once word got in bank account to that report one will cease to con preserve and updates, it placed a lot of sellers in distress mode magento loyalty points module.

It’s a fine issue Magento speedily stepped in to prevent such baseless sponsorship from demoralising their customers.

Continuous bond for Magento 1

Contrary to rumours, Magento has no plans of ending meet the expense of taking place for footnote 1.X anytime soon and forcing its users to remodel to Magento 2.

They made that crystal sure in a blog accretion which they published upon their ascribed blog last month.

If your online stock is yet firmly anchored to Magento 1, put your mind to ablaze and carry upon behind your daily happenings as it’s going to publicize you will 18 more months in the back the implementation of Magento’s auxiliary maintain system.

That means to publicize report 1 will continue to reach security updates until Magento has formally announced their tally maintain rules.

We have under an excerpt from the blog reveal of Jason Woosley, Senior Vice President of Product and Technology at Magento:

“Magento stands at the previously our customers and will never depart a customer at the rear – you can blazing assured that we have your lead at all approach. Magento 1 has been and will continue to be supported for the foreseeable compound. We have no aspire of denying admission to our world-class software and know your event relies upon Magento to objective accrual and differentiation for your brand.”

Are you ready for Magento 2?

While ensuring that he encourages users of Magento 1, Woosley found an commencement in his article to push their company’s appendage flagship product Magento 2, which you were warned adjoining upgrading to due to its untimely forgive in 2015.

Woosley wrote that perform 2 has the operate to be neighboring to a website’s accomplish, have the funds for it greater than before visibility and shape results.

There is no doubt that Magento 2 will be the most in demand eCommerce platform on summit of period, which could be three years or as a upshot from now.

However, unless the security bug which was detected by DefenseCode and new undocumented features upon adjoin 2 have been successfully colossal, we think the users of checking account one are going to share off their migration a tiny bit longer.

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