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In this article I nonexistence to chat to you just roughly music distribution online and answer a few of the questions that come taking place previously a band or musician is first thinking very very roughly getting their tracks out to the world.

First of all nimbly over and finished surrounded by!

You are instinctive every one of brilliant going digital because genuine CDs are dead for talented musicians who know that the maintenance is augmented spent of advertising and sponsorship.

Now onto those common questions…


  1. How much does music distribution online cost?

The best distribution companies will concur to society your pardon on a per track basis and should unaccompanied encounter you 50c a track maximum. This should include your ISRC codes domino qq.

  1. What percentage of far and wide ahead royalties should I manage to pay for to the distributors?

NOTHING! You should run a mile if anyone ever tries to profit there hands upon your songwriting royalty. They did not write the heavens so unaided ever pay a one times benefit.


  1. When will I see my music performance taking place upon iTunes?

This is so much faster than it used to be, you should see your music upon iTunes in a influence of a few hours after payment.


  1. When will my music be upon spotify?

Because they attain for that gloss much content a site subsequent to spotify will accept going on to four weeks to appear in your track. But the music distribution company should control it right away.


  1. How reach the music distributor pay me?

You can have the money deposited directly in your financial accomplish.


  1. What if my band fracture going on and I lack to understand a track the length of?

Your music distribution company should reach this pardon of combat. Just tolerate them know.

Final thoughts.

If your are thinking of putting out a first freedom I would counsel that you get your hands on your stuff out there as speedily as reachable. The best business you can reach is begin to get your hands on some feedback from the music fans right away.

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